Cadets Flying High

Four cadets from 1239 (Broxbourne & Hoddesdon) Squadron recentlytook to the air for an air experience flight with the Air Cadets.

Cadet Sergeant Laura Connolly, Cadet Jordan Gandolfo, Cadet Jordan Harvey and Cadet Max Woodier had the opportunity to fly in the Grob Tutor aircraft with 5 Air Experience Flight, based at RAF Wyton, Cambridgeshire. The Tutor aircraft is the same aircraft that is used by all RAF pilots for their initial flying training.

After receiving the pre-flight briefing and training, the cadets were kitted out with their flying suits, helmets and parachutes and taken out to an aircraft for their flights, with experienced pilots currently or formerly in the RAF, as well as a number of civilian airline pilots.

Cadet Jordan Harvey ready to taxi and take-off for his
first flight in a Grob Tutor of 5 Air Experience Flight, RAF Wyton.

During their flights, which all lasted about 30 minutes, the cadets each got the chance to experience taking control of the aircraft, and learning the basic flying manoeuvres. A couple of the cadets even took the opportunity to experience some aerobatics.

Air Cadets have numerous opportunities to fly, as well as the Air Experience Flights, the Air Cadets has the worlds’ largest fleet of gliders.