Flying & Gliding

Cadets have to opportunity to fly in the Grob Tutor and Vigilant as part of a progressive training plan.

Cadets fly in the Tutor on air experience sorties to gain essential experience of the cockpit environment as well as the obvious pleasure of flying in an aerobatic aircraft. With the Vigilant motor glider a series of courses takes cadets through from initial training to solo flights after which they can wear their 'wings' with pride.

AEF - Air experience flying is one of our core activities. Cadets fly in the RAF's Grob Tutor aircraft from RAF Wyton. From a cadet's first flight, they will learn more and more pilot skills as part of a set of 6 flying lessons. Cadets aged over 16 can apply for various specialised courses including flying scholarships (which can take you close to solo standard) to cross country navigation courses to hang gliding and microlight flying - as they say, the sky's the limit!

Gliding - The largest glider fleet in the world! With 27 Volunteer Gliding Squadrons spread right across the UK Air Cadets have access to some of the best gliding opportunities in the world. From your first flight during your first few months as a cadet you'll start to get the bug for flying, then you can progress to a Gliding Scholarship (which normally takes you up to solo standard). Once you've achieved your Gliding Wings you can have access to the more advanced gliding courses which can lead to an instructor qualification.