A Headstart in First Aid with HeartStart for 1239

Six Cadets from 1239 (Broxbourne & Hoddesdon) Squadron have recently undertaken HeartStart training which teaches young people simple skills that could save a life in an emergency situation.

The course, which was held on a regular parade night, went through the basics of the recovery position, CPR, bleeding, dealing with a heart attack and dealing with a choking casualty with practical assessment built in to the course. These subjects come together to form what is known as Emergency Life Support (ELS), branded as the Heartstart programme by the British Heart Foundation in a bid to get as many people educated in basic life support as possible.

Officer Commanding of 1239 Squadron, Flt Lt Mark Richards said "the HeartStart training course covers basic first aid and emergency life support training and it's fantastic to have almost 100% of the Squadron now Heartstart qualified and gives our Cadets on the squadron a good grounding in first aid".