Inter Squadron Activity Weekend

1239 (Broxbourne & Hoddesdon) Squadron recently organised and hosted an Adventure Training weekend in Bedfordshire with cadets from 2203 (Hatfield & De Havilland) Squadron and 2532 (Milton Keynes) Squadron also in attendance.

The weekend was designed to be a fun, challenging and educational one. After setting up camp at Milton Keynes, thecadets were split into flights for the weekend and were transported to Caldecott Lake and undertook an orienteering exercise around the area to the south of the lake.

Some of the cadets who were involved in an initiative exercise to
build a bridge.

After the orienteering exercise and subsequent lunch, the cadets undertook a number of activities through Caldecotte Experience and these included a river crossing exercise, initiative exercises and water-based activities including canoeing and kayaking on the northern section of the lake.

Cadets enjoying their canoeing and kayaking on Caldecotte Lake.

On return to camp, the cadets and staff were treated to a much appreciated barbeque, taking advantage of the un-seasonally excellent weather.

The following day, after breakfast, the cadets and staff travelled to Bletchley Park and were joined by staff and Cadets from2366 (Bletchley Park) Squadron for a visit and tour of the iconic World War II heritage site.

The cadets visited the various sections including the code-breaking huts and blocks and were in awe and astonishment of the stories and achievements of the code-breakers whose work led to the breaking of theGerman Enigma enciphering machine by the British Bombe, and whichis said to have helped shorten World War II by two years.

  Cadets outside the Mansion at Bletchley Park as part of their tour of the iconic World War II heritage site.

After a very informative tour of Bletchley Park, lunch was provided and the cadets changed for their next and final activity, 'Spy Mission', a simulated scenario that the cadets had to complete with a number of objectives and challenges to achieve.

Despite being a very busy weekend, all the Squadrons involved worked well together to ensure everyone enjoyed the various activities and that a great weekend was had by all.